Meet Mark Vafiades

Mark and his wife Mell are proud residents of Annandale. Mark has been a longtime activist and advocate for citizens and families. He has worked in the private sector, the Federal and State government, owned a small business and is a retired reserve Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy, who worked in patrol for 20 years.

Virginia families have been experiencing the highest rate of inflation and tax increases in almost 40 years! Education and crime are also in bad shape!

Much of this has been caused or exacerbated by the radical Democrat legislators in Richmond. Although the House of Delegates is now in more trustworthy hands, we need to turn over seats in the State Senate in order to straighten out this mess. That’s why Mark has decided to run. He has a broad and eclectic background which puts him at great advantage when understanding and discussing how a leftist radical agenda negatively affects the economy and therefore the citizens and families of Virginia. Mark is in this race for you, so with your support, we can win!

Watch Mark’s 3 minute introductory video

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